Sunny cover 7,3-3,7
Sunny cover 7,3-3,7
Sunny cover 7,3-3,7

Thermal cover 180 μ for oval basins 7,3 x 3,7 m

Sales price with VAT: 193,00 lev
Solar thermal cover 180 μ for oval inflatable or prefabricated pools with dimensions 7.30 x 3.70 m;



7,30 x 3,70 m
180 μ
5,30 kg


  • Collapsible pool Azuro 405 DL


Isothermal covers are used to heat the heat, especially at night, increase the temperature of the water and reduce the evaporation in the inflatable pools. They also partially protect the water from pollution - dust, leaves, insects, rainwater, which saves costs for detergents. They are especially suited for pools in mountain areas, where the temperatures at night sharply drop, so pool water cools. The provision of the thermal-pool pool provides an opportunity for bathing early in the morning without having to wait until the daytime sun water warms the water in the pool.

The density of the thermo-covers is of great importance for the efficiency of water retention. The cover has a density 180 μ, which makes it extremely efficient.

The isothermal cover, as well as the inflatable pool, are NOT winter-resistant and must be stored and stored in the winter.


Getting to the pool

Getting to the pool

1. Cleaning the pool

• Before filling with water, clean the walls and the bottom of the pool against dirt. For the walls, use Azuro Clear Forte. Put on a sponge of Azuro Clear Forte and apply it to the contaminated foil. Leave for 10 minutes. Clean the contaminated areas with sponge and rinse thoroughly with water. In case of severe contamination, repeat the procedure.

• Remove large junk from the bottom of the pool with a handle and a deep net.

2. Checking the performance of the electrical ...

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Pool Ibiza in the new bTV series

Pool Ibiza in the new bTV series

Directly from the set of the new super-production of bTV, we present you pool Ibiza 4. Every evening in prime time, TV viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy a series whose scale so far is unknown to Bulgarian cinema. The series will be filmed in different parts of the world, and the swimming pool is installed on one of the shooting spots at Boyana Cinema Center in the idyllic skirts of Vitosha Mountain. The creators of the series keep the details of the plot in secret, and the photos continue on a daily basis. We at Baseini.NET are proud that with ...

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