Prefabricated pool AZURO 404DL with filtration - Premium package
Prefabricated pool AZURO 404DL with filtration - Premium package
Ladder Azuro DeLuxe
Sand filtration set AZURO 7 m3 / h
Skimmer with nozzle
Hose d38
Quartz sand 25 kg
Base for prefabricated pool
Prefabricated pool AZURO 404DL with filtration - Premium package
Chlorine tablet filler
vacuum brush
Universal handle 1.8 m
Pool brush 25 cm
Network deep
Azuro Chlor Shock - a preparation for swimming pools

Pool AZURO 404DL with filtration - PREMIUM package

Price VAT included:4200,00 lev
Sales price with VAT: 3250,00 lev
Extended Premium Package - Pool Azure 404DL with all the necessary filtration equipment - professional sand filtration, sunshade, accessories and gifts;



In the extended PREMIUM package, the included pool model and fully completed sand filtration system including a suction pump, a filter, a valve, a skimmer, a flowing nozzle, quartz sand and accessories are included. In addition, the pact includes a geotextile pad cut out at the factory for the size of the pool, solar cover to keep the temperatures at night, a vacuum brush for cleaning the bottom, a handle for it and connecting hoses ie all the necessary equipment, to make the pool perfect. The package includes and gifts - Primary treatment preparation and chlorine tablets with water maintenance filler.



Prefabricated Pool Azuro 404DL - DimensionsTransport packet pool

The Azure Collapsible Pools are one of the few options that anyone can afford to have a pool in the yard. The main advantages of these pools are their low price, easy installation, which does not require preliminary surveys and field research, quality and healthy materials and last but not least their good aesthetic appearance. The liner pool of the Deluxe series has a beautiful right, different from pure blue in the basins of the Basic series and most prefabricated pools on the market. The Azuro basins are resistant to winter conditions, they are not dismantled during the winter, they are the same as the inflatable ones, but they are wintering according to the instructions.

vgrajdaneThe Azure 404DL from the DELUXE series is designed for complete or partial embedding in the ground and at the same time - overhead installation. Included in the set are side supports (on both sides of the oval, where the water pressure is greatest), which gives exceptional stability to oval basins even when over-mounted!

wall assembled pool Azuro


Azuro Deluxe pools are manufactured using special production technology. Thanks to the protective lacquer with which the wall is painted outside, they can be embedded. Zinc coating provides corrosion protection against the wall, the thermoforming of steel - water tightness and elasticity under extraordinary pressure. Each part of the pool structure is removable and available in stock. Choosing Pool Azuro, you choose a manufacturer with twenty-five years of experience in the production of prefabricated and family pools, provided spare parts and easy maintenance, ready-made accessories (covers, jets, roofs, etc.) designed specifically for this model.


1,20 m
5,50 x 3,70 m
21 m3
Steel with a Brown Wood protective and decorative finish
Liner (foil):
Blue, with a marble right
137 kg
Mounting time:
Around 5 hours and 30 min.
Transport packages:
5 package: 1,21mx0,33mx0,33m; 1,52mx0,40mx0,41m; 0,55mx0,50mx1,35m; 0,09mx0,63mx0,61m; 0,11mx0,49mx1,37m;


Getting to the pool

Getting to the pool

1. Cleaning the pool

• Before filling with water, clean the walls and the bottom of the pool against dirt. For the walls, use Azuro Clear Forte. Put on a sponge of Azuro Clear Forte and apply it to the contaminated foil. Leave for 10 minutes. Clean the contaminated areas with sponge and rinse thoroughly with water. In case of severe contamination, repeat the procedure.

• Remove large junk from the bottom of the pool with a handle and a deep net.

2. Checking the performance of the electrical ...

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Pool Ibiza in the new bTV series

Pool Ibiza in the new bTV series

Directly from the set of the new super-production of bTV, we present you pool Ibiza 4. Every evening in prime time, TV viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy a series whose scale so far is unknown to Bulgarian cinema. The series will be filmed in different parts of the world, and the swimming pool is installed on one of the shooting spots at Boyana Cinema Center in the idyllic skirts of Vitosha Mountain. The creators of the series keep the details of the plot in secret, and the photos continue on a daily basis. We at Baseini.NET are proud that with ...

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