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www.Baseini.NET is a website designed for e-commerce and product presentation, the founder and owner of which is POWS EOOD. The site has a specialized focus, namely the sale of prefabricated pools, water preparations, accessories for swimming pools and other items produced by the Czech plant Mountfıeld, where our company is an official representative for Bulgaria as well as other manufacturers. All prices listed on this site are VAT included and do not include shipping costs! Publis Ltd. reserves the right to change prices without having to notify its users in advance, as well as to correct the wrong technical and other parameters of the goods. Printing errors, color visualization differences due to user computer configurations are possible. The colors of each product are indicated in the text of the product. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The content of this site may not be reproduced or displayed without the written consent of POWES EOOD. Each registered user is bound by these terms and conditions for the entire period of use of the store, from the initial entry to the departure.

Necessary conditions to make an online order: 1. Register in the e-shop. 2. Valid email address. 3. Correct shipping and billing addresses. 4. True contact details.

Activating the order for a particular good is done by clicking on the "Buy" button and completing the three-step process to send an order.

The action is a statement of intent, which binds the client and Poles EOOD to the contract. If you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation at the email address you provided. The store administrator will contact you via phone or e-mail to confirm your order.

Restrictions Store users are not allowed:

1. Copy, distribute or use texts, pictures, images or parts of the site without the express permission of Poles EOOD.

2. Use automated systems to download (download) any information from

3. Overload the system with dummy requests or other information (flood).

4. Users may not use a screenshot of without the express permission of Poles EOOD.

This e-shop contains links to other sites. Pulse EOOD Ltd. is not responsible for their content.


VALID ONLY FOR VALUE ORDERS UNDER 1000 BGN (For orders above 1000 BGN) The delivery terms are described in Delivery Agreement and determined by him)

1. The ordered goods are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the customer.

2. When choosing 'cash on delivery', the customer is required to pay the goods upon receipt by the bearer.

3. The ordered goods are delivered properly packaged according to their type and shipping used for delivery.

4. If the customer does not provide access and conditions for the delivery of the goods to the stated address, "Pulls EOOD" shall be relieved of its obligation to fulfill the requested delivery.

5. Transport costs, unless expressly stated otherwise, are paid by the customer upon receipt of the delivery, at the same time as the price of the goods.

REFUSAL TO RECEIVE ORDERED OR PROVIDED GOODS 1. A customer who ordered a product through the e-shop and received the same by post, courier or other means of transport, has the right to refuse to receive the order or part of it after it has already been delivered, under the Warranty Terms specified in the Warranty Card or in only one of the following cases:

- when transporting the goods or their packaging are damaged;

- the agreed delivery time is not met;

- the goods delivered apparently do not correspond to the order they ordered;

- the price does not match the bid;

- under the conditions of Art. 69, para. 3 of the Civil Protection Act;

- Returns on the above-mentioned points are only made at the time of delivery.

Apart from the listed cases, the customer is not entitled to refuse to receive and pay the goods he has ordered. Otherwise, he owes the payment of the delivery costs to him and returning the goods back to the supplier.

2. Upon receipt and payment of the goods, the customer may request a claim in the following cases and time limits:

2.1. If damage occurs during its operation as warranty;

2.2. In the cases provided for in Article 69, para. 3 from PPLPT.

3. Claims are accepted as follows:

The 2.1 - within the term provided in the warranty card accompanying the goods, after the detailed filling out of the claim form.

2.2 - within 14 days of receipt of the goods, provided that the reasons for doing so are stated in writing and a declaration stating that the product is in the form in which it was received without being used and is undamaged original packaging.

The transport costs of txNUMX are at the client's expense, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Consumables, accessories and spare parts are not subject to warranty claims. Guarantee is only taken if they are piled in systems repaired by service providers of the supplier company.

4. When the goods supplied are warranted and the customer is regularly provided with a warranty card, where the addresses and telephone numbers of the warranty service centers are mentioned, it is addressed directly to the designated workshops or points.


Pulse EOOD Ltd. is not responsible for:

1. For missed benefits related to the topicality and content of the bids displayed on the site, printing errors or mismatches in the color visualization due to the user's computer configuration settings.

2. For the information presented or the consequences of using other websites to which provides a connection.

3. Against the customer, in the case of lack of stock availability of a merchandise being offered or other inability to deliver the product to the customer immediately or within the agreed time limit.

By using the page The user undertakes to become acquainted with and comply with these Terms and Conditions.

The products offered by Poles EOOD through this online store are not intended for public (public) use.

The user has been notified by Pulse EOOD that, at the use of all electrical appliances and accessories including (but not exhaustively) filter pumps, heat pumps, aquaparks, jacuzzis and more. there must be a proper electrical system with earth leakage protection, according to the instructions and / or product specifications, whether described in the product specific information on this website. The product information on this website is only informative commercial information and can not be considered as an official document on the specifications and instructions for use. The complete instructions for each product are provided to the User translated into Bulgarian together with the product. Since it is impossible to prove the fact of providing instructions from Pulls EOOD, the User undertakes to request actual copies in paper or digitized form, even if in the description of the selected product there is a link for their removal and in the event of a dispute. considers it to be aware of this.

When using a forwarder, the user undertakes to read the label on the back of the preparation before operating it. If a label is missing or unreadable, the User undertakes to request one from Pulse EOOD or return the unused product. The user is obliged to follow all instructions on the work and storage label.

The user undertakes to follow all safety rules, including general ones, when using water and other equipment, preparations and electrical appliances that are not specifically described in the instructions. Pulls EOOD does not bear and can not be held liable for any kind of damage caused by misuse, lack of maintenance and management or negligence. The user is solely responsible for the way he uses the product, the condition and safety of the terrain and the environment in which he uses it, the control of the safety of the facility and the people using it, including children.

The use of water facilities, electrical appliances and detergents may cause serious personal injury, property damage, including death, if the safe operation rules are not complied with! Use these products responsibly! Remember, before each product is used, it must be inspected for possible damage, and there is a need for periodic prophylaxis, which is the care and responsibility of the user. The user is advised that improper use of preparations may result in toxic poisoning, bodily injury, explosion, fire or other damage. Always keep the detergent in hand and away from children!

The information provided by the User upon registration is confidential and POWES EOOD can not provide it to third parties.

These Terms apply to all users who use the website, whether they are registered and / or placed an order online through it. In the event that an additional Purchase Agreement is signed for the purchase of a product, its terms do not invalidate those in these Terms and Conditions, unless they conflict with each other. If such a discrepancy is found, the additional supply contract clause (if it is signed) should be a burden, but only with respect to the contradictory clause (s), all remaining clauses of these General Conditions complement the delivery.

Any agreement between the parties - User and Pulse EOOD, different or inconsistent with those described in the General Terms, shall be made only in written form with the express written consent of the parties.


Getting to the pool

Getting to the pool

1. Cleaning the pool

• Before filling with water, clean the walls and the bottom of the pool against dirt. For the walls, use Azuro Clear Forte. Put on a sponge of Azuro Clear Forte and apply it to the contaminated foil. Leave for 10 minutes. Clean the contaminated areas with sponge and rinse thoroughly with water. In case of severe contamination, repeat the procedure.

• Remove large junk from the bottom of the pool with a handle and a deep net.

2. Checking the performance of the electrical ...

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Pool Ibiza in the new bTV series

Pool Ibiza in the new bTV series

Directly from the set of the new super-production of bTV, we present you pool Ibiza 4. Every evening in prime time, TV viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy a series whose scale so far is unknown to Bulgarian cinema. The series will be filmed in different parts of the world, and the swimming pool is installed on one of the shooting spots at Boyana Cinema Center in the idyllic skirts of Vitosha Mountain. The creators of the series keep the details of the plot in secret, and the photos continue on a daily basis. We at Baseini.NET are proud that with ...

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Contacting the customer

Contant Us

Contant Us


Bulstat: BG202491685

Phone: +359 (0) 2 482 96 98

MOB. Phone: 0876 34 30 73


Head Office: Sofia, Tsar Boris III Blvd., No245

e-mail: sales / @ /

Working hours: Monday - Friday 10.00ch - 18.00ch; Saturday and Sunday - weekends;

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