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Installation of AZURO basins

User manual iconIf you decide to mount your Azuro Pool alone, we provide you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Installation Guide by downloading it from the banner on the right. In this case, the product warranty is also valid if the warranty conditions are met. The cost of the installation we made can be found in the product offer. It includes delivery and installation of the equipment purchased at a site prepared in advance by the buyer. After installation of the pool, the finishing works on the terrain (backfilling, concreting, laying, etc.) are at the expense of the buyer.

Photos - installation of pools AZURO




Do I need help?

Do not try to install the pool yourself, you will need the help of at least one other person to build it.

What tools and materials do I need?

The tools and materials needed for installation are part of most Bulgarian households. You will need:

  • hoe, shovel, tread - for leveling the ground or digging if you build the pool
  • wooden pegs, flat board, thick thread (string), long nails for marking the terrain
  • hand cart and sand for pouring
  • concrete tiles (oval pools only)
  • silicone foam, tactile scotch (adhesive tape)
  • level
  • set of screwdrivers, knife, pliers
What are the installation stages?

1. STAGE: Select and prepare for installation
2. STAGE: Construction and commissioning
3. STAGE: Finishing works around the pool

What day to choose for the fitting?

The installation of the pool should be done on a sunny and windless day, so that the wind does not interfere with the proper placement of the foil.

Where do I install the pool?
When choosing the right place to fit your pool, it is important:
  • Choose a maximum level of terrain with the appropriate pool size near the water source you will use to supply the pool with water;
  • The pool area should have a good drainage, not to hold water;
    DO NOT install the pool on hard surfaces such as asphalt, gravel, outdoor flooring or on underground facilities - sewerage, septic tanks, etc.
  • Observe carefully the terrain for the presence of growing roots of weed or other large plants that could damage the foil in time. If you find many, it is a good idea to treat the place with a weed preparation after removing them;
  • If you plan to install additional accessories to the pool, such as pumps, filters or other electrical appliances near the terrain, but not less than 3,5m from the future pool layout you should have a power source.


Installation of IBIZA pools

installation of the Ibiza pool

The installation of the pools of the Ibiza series is performed by a qualified installer. They are not intended for customer installation, as some technical procedures are required in which an inexperienced installer can make significant mistakes, such as cutting the skimmer wall, nozzle and lighting. The installation is performed on pre-prepared terrain - excavation, concrete screed on the bottom with reinforcement and two parallel brick walls along the two lengths of the oval (see visualization on the right), pre-prepared according to the scheme of the model. For installation it is necessary to provide more:

  • Water flow sufficient to fill the concrete pool pattern for several hours (aquifers). If the pool is filled with an ordinary domestic water source, it usually becomes slow and takes up to a few days after completion of installation. filtration and other pool equipment can not be tested and eventual leakage removed.
  • Rubberized cable 4 squares with three cores and electric technician to connect the lighting. We will install the luminaire on the pool wall, ready to be connected by an authorized electrician to the control panel and your electrical system.
  • Styrofoam or 10-12 2 2, 3 or 4 cm (depending on whether the side brick walls are accurate) - required for insulation around the pool walls between the metal wall and the wall.
  • Building materials - concrete bricks (depending on the size of the pool).

Photos Mounting of the Ibiza PoolFor detailed information on all the preparatory and finishing works and the reading of the drawings, please contact our technical department. Please do not start preparing the plot under the schemes before signing a delivery contract, confirming that the pool is available and a detailed instruction on the preparation of the pitch!



Installation of Fort Wayne PoolsInstallation of FORT WAYNE pools
The installation of Fort Wayne pools takes place in two stages - installation of the walls and a week later - to the liner. For the first stage, a rough excavation is being prepared on the plot of the terrain for the particular model. On the contours of the trench (where the walls will be installed) a concrete screed is made. The installation of the walls follows, and afterwards, the rough excavation at the bottom of the pool is balanced - from low to deep, then covered with concrete and fittings. Once the entire floor is concreted, install the liner on the pool. (See the preview).
All the Fort Wayne pools have lighting. The luminaire is installed on the pool wall by a pool technician.Net, ready for connection by a qualified electrical technician, the provision of which is the responsibility of the customer.
Please, if you have a specific model, ask for a scheme depending on the layout and type of stairs you prefer.

Installing a glass-fiber pool
Installation of CALYPSO and COMPACT pools
The installation of monolithic pools differs significantly from that of prefabricated ones and takes only a few hours, as fiberglass and ceramic pools are a whole module. A crane is needed for unloading the pool, and in case of impossibility to provide it - a lot of manpower. The place where the pool will be installed must be accessible, ie. due to its size it cannot be in places where access is limited and there is no space through which the large monolithic body of the pool can pass. All the Fort Wayne pools have lighting. The luminaire is installed on the pool wall by a pool technician.Net, ready for connection by a qualified electrical technician, the provision of which is the responsibility of the customer.
The pool is mounted on pre-prepared screed with fittings. Very popular in Bulgaria are the advertisements of fiberglass pools, which are installed "without concrete". Such a product on the European and world market does not exist! In case you build the pool basin directly into the soil, sooner or later in flood or earthquake or just in time the pool will burst, however massive and robust to its construction! After placing the pool in the trench under the stairs and around the pool, waterproofing is applied and pouring ground-moist concrete.


Getting to the pool

Getting to the pool

1. Cleaning the pool

• Before filling with water, clean the walls and the bottom of the pool against dirt. For the walls, use Azuro Clear Forte. Put on a sponge of Azuro Clear Forte and apply it to the contaminated foil. Leave for 10 minutes. Clean the contaminated areas with sponge and rinse thoroughly with water. In case of severe contamination, repeat the procedure.

  • Remove large junk from the bottom of the pool with a handle and a deep net.

  2. Checking the performance of the electrical ...

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Pool Ibiza in the new bTV series

Pool Ibiza in the new bTV series

Directly from the set of the new super production of bTV, we present the pool Ibiza 4. Every night in prime time, TV viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy a series whose scale is hitherto unknown to Bulgarian cinema. The series will be filmed in different parts of the world, and the pool is installed on one of the shooting sites at the Boyana Cinema Center in the idyllic foothills of Vitosha. The creators of the series keep the details of the plot a secret, and the shooting continues every day. We at Baseini.NET are proud to ...

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