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Pools.Net is the official representative for Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey of the Czech plant Mountfield, which is the largest producer of prefabricated pools in Evoropa. Twenty years of experience, over 1500 employees, a retail network of 71's own garden hypermarkets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and production by the 120 000 pool each year are just some of the prerequisites that guarantee European quality products. More about the factory, you can see here: www.mountfield-export.com

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certificatePools.NET is the first online pool shop in Bulgaria, owned by Poles EE Ltd. - leader in sales and construction of family pools and direct importer of the products offered.For us the client and his desires are the first and will do our best , as well as delivering your product quickly and correctly, as well as useful advice on the installation, delivery times and product characteristics and warranty.

All the pools, preparations and accessories we offer are of proven brand quality - MOUNTFIELD - Czech Republic, HAYWARD - France, SPECK PUMPEN - Germany, FORT WAYNE - USA and prices without competition on the Bulgarian market.




Two production buildings for pools, water treatment, solar panels, solar showers, countercurrents. High quality materials, unique technology and precise workmanship guarantee European quality of manufactured products.




Getting to the pool

Getting to the pool

1. Cleaning the pool

• Before filling with water, clean the walls and the bottom of the pool against dirt. For the walls, use Azuro Clear Forte. Put on a sponge of Azuro Clear Forte and apply it to the contaminated foil. Leave for 10 minutes. Clean the contaminated areas with sponge and rinse thoroughly with water. In case of severe contamination, repeat the procedure.

  • Remove large junk from the bottom of the pool with a handle and a deep net.

  2. Checking the performance of the electrical ...

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Pool Ibiza in the new bTV series

Pool Ibiza in the new bTV series

Directly from the set of the new super production of bTV, we present the pool Ibiza 4. Every night in prime time, TV viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy a series whose scale is hitherto unknown to Bulgarian cinema. The series will be filmed in different parts of the world, and the pool is installed on one of the shooting sites at the Boyana Cinema Center in the idyllic foothills of Vitosha. The creators of the series keep the details of the plot a secret, and the shooting continues every day. We at Baseini.NET are proud to ...

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Contacting the customer

contact us

contact us


Bulstat: BG202491685 


Phone: +359 (0) 2 482 96 98

MOB. Phone: 0876 34 30 73 

Skype: Baseini.net


Head Office: Sofia, Tsar Boris III Blvd., No245

e-mail: sales / @ / baseini.net


Working hours: Monday - Friday 10.00ch - 18.00ch; Saturday and Sunday - weekends;


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